About Us

How it all started



Surfitizer was an Idea that came to Danny Cabrera when he was a single dad. He grew tired of having to clean public diaper stations, and restrooms seats for his child that were 99% of the time filthy.

Danny did some research and looked everywhere to find a product that he could use and put it in a small bottle. The challenge was finding a cleaner that was small enough to carry around. Danny couldn’t locate anything on the market so he came up with his own idea. Which is now SURFITIZER.

Danny started to research on SURFITIZER in 2003 Years later after lots of dedication, and saving money he started to make it a reality in 2008. Finally after several years of challenges and lots of bumps on the road, and hurdles to jump over it’s finally here in June 2018.

Incase your curious the name SURFITIZER came from the word (SURFACE and sanitizer), Danny cut the words in half, and there you go the name SURFITIZER.

Pronounced   sur·fi·ti·zer

                       /Sur fah ty zer /